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John Carpenter Was Never Contacted About the ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ Remake



Not only is there a remake of John Carpenter’s Halloween in development, but X-Men: First Class writers Ashely Miller and Zack Stentz have been penning a new take on his 1986 adventure/horror Big Trouble in Little China since 2015.

Announced last year, the film will be produced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (who will also star). The last we heard was back in May when Johnson confirmed to Fandango that the project is still in the cards. “That’s happening, man! That’s happening, that’s happening. And again, that’s one of those things where you gotta take really good care of it,” he explained.

Last summer Johnson had stated that he wanted Carpenter’s involvement in some form, yet it appears nobody involved in the film has even reached out.

Screen Rant asked Carpenter about the film and received this shocking response:

Screen Rant: We’re also hearing about a remake of ‘Big Trouble in Little China’, with The Rock…

John Carpenter: [laughs] I know! It might be crazy… it might be great! I don’t know. Nobody’s told me anything. No one tells me anything [laughs]

Screen Rant: That’s unfortunate to hear. The Rock had said, supposedly, that he was interested in having you involved in some way – but there’s been no outreach so far?

John Carpenter: No. No one’s talked to me about it. Haven’t heard a thing!

Screen Rant: That’s very interesting.

John Carpenter: Yeah – isn’t it great?

Let’s be clear about one thing first. Even if Carpenter were to be involved, it’s possible probable that he wouldn’t be doing anything anyways other than lending his name and blessing to the project. Remember The Fog remake? He straight up told a table of press that his only involvement was to take a check, and he wasn’t joking. So, even if Carpenter were to be approached for a Big Trouble remake, odds are it would be a cash grab for the iconic horror filmmaker. No matter, it’s insulting to treat someone of Carpenter’s caliber that way, and the least they could do is reach out. The fact that it’s going on two years of development without anyone reaching out to him is just shocking. Does it make The Rock a liar? No. The dude is probably so busy he’s not even paying attention until the producers and financiers are ready to roll. Let’s not forget, though, that The Rock is not only the star but a producer on the film. If he gives Carpenter the cold shoulder, it will reflect poorly on him.

But I digress, let’s see if this film even happens…

They told Jack Burton to go to hell…and that’s exactly where he’s going! An All-American trucker gets dragged into a centuries-old mystical battle in Chinatown. The 1986 original starred Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall and Dennis Dun.

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