[Exclusive] Casey Goes Full Demon in Clip From Best Episode of "The Exorcist" Yet - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] Casey Goes Full Demon in Clip From Best Episode of “The Exorcist” Yet



“The Exorcist” is the best new horror show on TV.

One of the coolest aspects of FOX’s “The Exorcist” has been the way the demonic possession of young Casey Rance has been handled. Throughout the first four episodes, we literally saw the demonic entity, in his corporeal form, slowly taking hold of Casey’s body and soul, adding a fresh new wrinkle to a sub-genre we were pretty sure couldn’t possibly be fresh again.

Now that the demon has been let inside, the exorcism of Casey begins.

Premiering this Friday night, “Chapter Five: Through My Most Grievous Fault” was promised by star Brianne Howey to be the most epic episode to date, and now that I’ve seen it for myself, I can confirm that she wasn’t kidding. The episode centers on Father Tomas and Father Marcus’ attempt to expel the demon from Casey’s body, and those who were waiting for demonic madness will be pleased to know that it’s on full display in this latest chapter. With a familiar shade of green vomit on her lips, Casey is now completely possessed, the show embracing its connection to the source material with an episode that feels very much like a modern take on the classic film.

Of particular note, a couple of waking nightmare sequences are sure to inspire much water cooler talk, and by the time the end credits roll, we’ve got a good feeling you’ll be left shocked and speechless. “The Exorcist” just keeps getting better and better, and this week’s episode is nothing short of a massive game-changer.

Check out an exclusive sneak peek and be sure to tune in Friday, October 21st!

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