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These Kids Made a Charming Sequel to ‘Jaws’ in the 1970s



This may be the most charming movie you see all year.

The year was 1978. Three years prior, Steven Spielberg quite literally created the Hollywood summer blockbuster with Jaws, a massive hit that sent audiences running from their local theaters and, needless to say, kept them as far away from large bodies of water as possible. But a group of brave kids didn’t heed the warning. They ventured into the water in the summer of ’78.

Why, you ask? To make their own sequel, of course!

The same year that Chief Brody returned in Jaws 2, Cape Cod teenager Rob Hampton and his friends used their Super-8 camera to make a 4-minute short film set in the Jaws universe. The short was originally filmed with no sound, but now nearly 40 years after it was shot, Hampton has dug up the raw materials from his childhood and dubbed in sounds, a score, and even dialogue.

Hampton describes:

Did you know Chief Brody reads wrestling mags and great whites love fresh water? That’s how the ’70s Kids saw it in this Super-8 sequel to their favorite blockbuster.

Ready to smile? Watch the DIY Jaws sequel below!