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Watch the Awesome ‘Freddy’s Dead’ End Credits Montage Without the Split-Screen Credits



An underrated franchise sequel? You betcha.

Released in 1991, sixth series installment Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare often doesn’t get much love from even the most die-hard Fred-heads, and though it’s far from the best sequel in the franchise, I personally feel it’s deserving of a whole lot more of that love. Technically the final installment in the core franchise – New Nightmare is more of a meta take on the series than any sort of continuation – Freddy’s Dead truly did kill off Freddy Krueger, and it also dug deeper into the character’s overall mythology than any of the other sequels really bothered to.

Not only did we learn more about Freddy’s backstory, allowing Robert Englund to show off his acting chops outside the burnt-faced makeup, but Freddy’s Dead even explained how Krueger came to possess the supernatural powers that made him such a unique slasher villain. The film also had a fresh overall concept, set in a post-apocalyptic Springwood devoid of any children.

If nothing more, it’s a film that is worth another look.


As a celebration of the franchise, the end credits of Freddy’s Dead featured a montage of clips from every installment in the series up to that point, playing out like a music video tribute to all the wackiness brought to the screen during Freddy’s seven-year reign of dominance over the box office. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the clips were set to an original song by Iggy Pop.

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The film’s end credits were pretty awesome, but in order to fit in the actual credits, the montage video was only allowed to take up half the screen (as seen above). Now, 25 years later, fan Jay Bauman has taken it upon himself to edit together the entire montage as a wide-screen, HD video, and I figured my fellow Freddy’s Dead fans out there would get a kick out of it.

A fun little treat and a reminder that Freddy’s Dead was pretty cool!

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