Greg Nicotero Reveals Awesome Upcoming Tribute Zombie on "The Walking Dead" - Bloody Disgusting
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Greg Nicotero Reveals Awesome Upcoming Tribute Zombie on “The Walking Dead”



Dr. Tongue is coming to “The Walking Dead.

Over the weekend, production wrapped on Season 7 of AMC’s hit zombie series, and though we’ll have to wait several months before we find out how the intense season comes to a close (April 2nd, to be exact), we don’t have to wait a second longer for our very first preview. Over on Instagram, episode director Greg Nicotero (@GNicotero) just provided a sneak peek at a tribute walker that will appear in the episode.

Nicotero, who got his start working with Tom Savini on Day of the Dead, has been known to pay tribute to iconic movie zombies in the episodes of “The Walking Dead” that he directs, and the Season 7 finale will feature an exact recreation of Day of the Dead‘s Dr. Tongue – the first zombie seen in George Romero’s film. Previously, Bub appeared on “The Walking Dead.”

In the show’s first season, you may remember that a female zombie similarly had her tongue hanging out of her gruesomely damaged mouth, but it’s clear that Nicotero is this time paying direct tribute to Dr. Tongue.

Meet the new Dr. Tongue below!