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West Virginia Man Believes He Photographed the Mothman, 50 Years After First Sighting



Has the Mothman returned to Point Pleasant?

Last week here on Bloody Disgusting we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the legendary Mothman, specifically the anniversary of the first sightings, taking a look back at those chilling encounters as well as the flying beast’s apparent connection to the deadly collapse of Silver Bridge. To quickly recap, the Mothman is a human-like creature with red eyes who was (allegedly) spotted several times in Point Pleasant, West Virginia shortly before the bridge collapsed and claimed 46 lives, and many believe that he arrived in town as a harbinger of impending doom.

Now, almost exactly 50 years after the first sighting, a resident of Point Pleasant claims to have had his own encounter with the Mothman. And he’s got the photos to prove it.

As reported by West Virginia newscaster Kathy Anderson, a man called into the WSAZ News station this past Sunday to report that he saw the Mothman while driving on Route 2 in Point Pleasant. The man, who only recently moved to the city, reportedly was not even aware of the legend prior to snapping three photos of what certainly appears to be the mythical cryptid.

Mothman sightings died down in Point Pleasant in the wake of the Silver Bridge collapse, and this is the first one to be reported in many years. Is it possible that the Mothman is celebrating his own 50th birthday? Has he perhaps arrived back in town to give the residents another warning? Or is this simply a case of a prankster having a little fun with the 50th anniversary?

Twitter user @ErickPickel offers up a wholly different explanation:

It’s an owl with a snake in it’s talons.

What do you think? Check out the mystery man’s photographs below!




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