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Fun Photo Shoot Puts Horror Icons into Everyday Situations



What if our favorite slasher villains lived among us?

We’ve only ever really seen guys like Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, and Michael Myers in their natural elements – except for that time Jason kinda sorta took Manhattan, of course – but wouldn’t it be fun to see them, well, totally out of their respective elements? Can you imagine Leatherface riding the subway? How about Freddy grabbing a super expensive coffee at Starbucks?!

It’s fun to imagine such scenarios, and photographer Jason Shaltz has just taken it upon himself to not only imagine them but also bring them to life. For his “Everyday Horrors” series, Shaltz grabbed his camera, dressed up models as horror icons, and headed out into the streets of New York City. Not surprisingly, New Yorkers barely even batted an eye at the strange sights.

Shaltz explains the genesis of the project:

Although their extra-curricular activities are generally frowned upon by society, they’ve managed to win the hearts of millions of fans globally. Ironically, it seems like they can truly do no harm to their reputation, navigating the press and media unscathed and forever glorified. But what goes on during non-business hours for these folks? When they aren’t hanging co-eds on meat hooks or making human kebobs from teenage camp counselors, where are they? What are they doing?

Check out some of the photos below and grab prints through the Rotten Cake Etsy shop!

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