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Brand New Madballs Have Begun Popping Up in Stores!



I always knew Target was the greatest place on Earth.

Who doesn’t love a good ’80s monster toy? Companies back in that oh-so-glorious decade were hellbent on one-upping each other in the gross department, and one of the most totally awesome exports of the gross-out ’80s were the Madballs. Released by AmToy in the mid-’80s, the rubber monster balls have been revived several times throughout the years, and we’re happy to report that they’re once again back on store shelves. Courtesy of Just Play, those lovable Madballs are intent on making your toy shelf great again in 2017, and they’ve already begun popping up.

We thank Twitter user Toy Empire for bringing this to our attention and providing the above photo, which was taken at Target. We don’t yet know whether or not the new Madballs are exclusively going to be available at Target, but since that’s the only place we’ve heard of them being spotted, we encourage you to head out to your local store and do a little hunting.

*UPDATE: Looks like the new Madballs will also be available in Walmart and Toys R Us, and the full rollout is scheduled for January 17th!*

Seen in the photo are newly stylized takes on classic Madballs characters Oculus Orbus, Skull Face, and Dust Brain. As you’ll see in the photo below, new versions of Horn Head, Slobulus, and Screamin’ Meemie will also be available. Companies like Kidrobot and Mondo have also been making their own Madballs, so it’s a damn good time to be a fan of… gross… balls.

Yeah I just wrote that. What of it?!