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“The Lost Boys” Series to Span Over Several Decades!




Back in August it was revealed that CW will be adapting the 1987 vampire horror film The Lost Boys into a TV series.

Rob Thomas, the creator of “Veronica Mars” and “iZombie”, was revealed to be the show’s showrunner.

Rotten Tomatoes caught up with Thomas at a Television Critics Association panel on Sunday where he talked a bit about the modern take on the original film, which starred Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Alex Winter, and, perhaps most importantly, Tim Cappello. Y’know, this guy.

In a cool bit of a reveal, it was said that the show is being eyed as a seven-season run, with each season representing a full decade. The first season will supposedly take place in 1967 and the only characters that will progress from one season to the next will be the vampires who, obviously, don’t age. The beginning would be “1967 Summer of Love Haight-Ashbury to be specific,” Thomas told the site.

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While we love the characters portrayed by Sutherland, Patrick, and Winter, we should expect a different group of vamps in the series. “They’re similar young vampires all sort of living this sort of Peter Pan–like existence of never having to grow up, getting turned into vampires when they’re in their early 20s,” Thomas said. “They can stay young and beautiful and cool forever.

Speaking of, Thomas does reveal that we could meet some of the original characters in a bit of a crossover moment: “Vampires stay the same age, so those vampires that we meet in the ’80s in the original ‘Lost Boys’ movies could exist in the 1960s version,” Thomas said. “We could run into them there as well. We might not even have to wait until the ’80s to see that other ‘Lost Boys’ crew.

And because each season jumps a decade, the humans would (obviously) age by 10 years. Says Thomas, “The humans around them change to a degree from year to year,” Thomas said. “They can exist in multiple versions of the show but the humans would get 10 years older. The vampires are going to stay the same age.

If the initial season takes place in a ’60s San Fransisco, he reveals that the plan is for the second season to take place in a 1970’s New York, with the third obviously taking us to the 1980’s, possibly in Austin, Texas, and the ’90s focusing on grunge in Seattle. What about the final season?

In seven seasons we would catch up with present day,” Thomas said. “Technically we could be playing the 2024 election in seven years.

Thomas joked that vampires may be a better alternative to whomever runs for president in 2024. “Any member of our cast certainly I would vote for,” he said.

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