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[Video] Creepy ‘Blair Witch Project’ Fan Theory Totally Changes the Movie



You really don’t see ANYTHING in the movie. So what really happened?

Fan theories, if nothing more, provide you with a fresh set of eyeballs to watch a favorite movie with, and for that reason, I can’t help but love them. This one, from the folks over on YouTube channel The Film Theorists, puts a highly interesting and incredibly disturbing spin on The Blair Witch Project, suggesting that maybe, just maybe, there was never a Blair Witch at all.

The theory, outlined in an in-depth 17-minute video, points to several strong pieces of evidence that back up the interpretation that Mike and Josh led Heather out into the woods of Burkittsville, Maryland to… kill her. According to the theory, there was nothing supernatural going on in those woods, but rather everything strange that happened was carefully planned by the two killers.

Of course, last year’s sequel Blair Witch showed us that there DEFINITELY is some kind of creature out there (whether or not it’s the titular Blair Witch is up for debate), but watching The Blair Witch Project as its own movie, this theory unquestionably has legs. And again, if nothing more, it gives you a fun (and super unsettling) new way to watch the 1999 found footage classic.

Check out the fascinating theory video below.

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