[Quiz] Can You Name the 'Friday the 13th' Films Based Only On Pictures of Crystal Lake? - Bloody Disgusting
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[Quiz] Can You Name the ‘Friday the 13th’ Films Based Only On Pictures of Crystal Lake?



This may be the hardest Friday the 13th quiz ever.

The central location in the Friday the 13th franchise is of course Camp Crystal Lake, which Jason Voorhees uses as his own personal hunting ground. Nearly all of the films prominently feature the lake itself, in particular, but do you think you’d be able to name which film is which based only an image of the lake that was featured in it? Of course, the movies were all filmed in different places even when they were supposed to be taking place in the same location, so the look of Crystal Lake changes from film to film. And picking them out, well, it damn sure isn’t easy.

Courtesy of Twitter user @CameraViscera comes a Friday the 13th quiz that’s designed to see how closely you’ve been paying attention to those lakes over the years. And he admits that his own quiz is so difficult that even he had a hard time acing it after he was done creating it!

He told me:

It’s so ridiculously hard – I tried taking it after I made it (the order is randomized) and I almost failed it.

Think you can handle it? Test your Crystal Lake knowledge below!

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