Samara Appears On the "Today" Show for Another 'Rings' Prank - Bloody Disgusting
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Samara Appears On the “Today” Show for Another ‘Rings’ Prank



While Sadako battles Kayako, Samara is out pranking the world!

Earlier this week we shared with you a particularly clever Rings prank that saw franchise villain Samara literally emerging from televisions at an electronics store; the video quickly became a viral hit, proving that prank videos sure aren’t a bad way to drum up interest in a film. Paramount wants to make sure the asses are in the seats for Rings, so they sent Samara out for another prank.

This time, the long-haired spirit made an appearance on “Today,” pranking anchor Natalie Morales. Co-host Matt Lauer present a faux segment about the top 5 most ridiculous items confiscated by airport security; five suitcases were placed on the studio floor, each one containing one of those items. In the first suitcase? Rubber snakes. In the second? SAMARA MORGAN.

Samara popped up out of one of the suitcases, terrifying Morales like only Samara can.

I gotta say, no matter how much damage the various sequels and spinoffs have done to the character, and no matter how many times she’s spoofed and otherwise used as a source of comedy, Samara still manages to be scarier to me than any other horror icon. The mere image of her still sends chills up my spine all these years later, which is a testament to how creepy she is.

In any event, check out the “Today” prank below!