This Video Provides 24 Reasons Why 'The Ring' and 'It Follows' Are the Same Movie - Bloody Disgusting
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This Video Provides 24 Reasons Why ‘The Ring’ and ‘It Follows’ Are the Same Movie



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Earlier this week we talked about the similarities between Peter Medak’s The Changeling and The Ring, the former of which seems to have at least somewhat inspired the latter. Of course, it’s not uncommon for one movie to share a few things in common with another, but did you ever draw any parallels between The Ring and It Follows? One fan believes they’re mostly the same movie.

YouTube user Couch Tomato, who devotes most of his time to comparing two seemingly unrelated films, just released a brand new video titled “24 Reasons The Ring and It Follows Are The Same Movie,” and with Rings hitting theaters this weekend, we thought you might find it amusing. Like in The Ring, the curse in It Follows can be passed from person to person, and in both films, that curse presents itself as a creepy figure advancing towards the “infected” person. But that’s only scratching the surface of this theory, conveyed by comparing specific moments in each movie.

Some of it is admittedly silly, but it’s a fun watch nonetheless!