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“Tales From the Crypt” Promo Video with M. Night Shyamalan?!



Back in December we broke the news here on Bloody Disgusting that TNT’s “Tales From the Crypt” had hit snag, causing a lengthy delay. Apparently, there are some rights issues that caused the cable channel to hit the pause button. With that said, they assured us that the Crypt Keeper’s return to the small screen was still in the cards, hopefully later this year.

“Tales From the Crypt” – part of TNT’s planned Horror Block, which was to also include “Time of Death” and “Creatures” –  was greenlit last April as they were ramping up an initial 10-episode order of the anthology series that would have reinvented the Crypt Keeper, based on the original EC Comics. M. Night Shyamalan was to host/curate, which has got to have boosted in value since Split beat the crap out of the box office earlier this year.

Speaking of…Bloody Disgusting reader Xander A. came across a pair of promos for “Tales From the Crypt” that, for all intents and purposes, look very real.

The first is basically a glossy featurette with Shyamalan discussing his plans for the “Horror Block”, which sound abstract and immensely interesting. The second video, below, looks like an actual promo TNT would air to hype people to “Tales From the Crypt’s” return. It’s incredibly well made, but doesn’t really represent my own expectations. Michael Smiy allegedly directed it for mOcean and TNT.

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