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This Fan-Made Miniature Replica of Derry, Maine is Insanely Detailed



In Stephen King’s fictional topography for Maine, the town of Derry is perhaps the most iconic. Of course, that’s the town the novel It is set in, and we will be returning to the fictional town thanks to Andy Muschietti’s feature film adaptation of the King novel on September 8th. In the meantime, we’ve got something for you King fanatics that may genuinely blow your mind.

Artist “Kassiopeya” is a mega fan of King’s novel, and she’s spent a good amount of time meticulously recreating Derry in the form of a small scale miniature art piece that is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Built into an old stereo corner unit from the ’50s, the piece depicts Derry’s idyllic side up top and its nightmarish sewers, where Pennywise resides, down below.

The artist explains:

My Derry – including its underground world of the sewers – is now integrated in that furniture. The novel, with all its references to Rock ‘n’ Roll in the Fifties has merged into a whole with that furniture, and has become part of it. The surface represents the romantic sight of a Derry street bathed in the golden light of a late summer day. Only when you flip open the cabinet door do  you see what is underneath: The sewage pipes way down below… in the green glowing light of the deadlights.

Even though a visual-physical presentation that reflects the countless sides of the fictional setting is almost impossible, this work is my very personal, most authentic approach, my private memorial for this so beloved epic story that has accompanied, warmed, frightened, and comforted me for so many years.

It’s my way to say thank you to the author Stephen King for giving the world this great, great novel – and to Andy Muschietti who is actually facing the challenge of turning this icon into a wide screen movie (Andy, THANK YOU! I have been waiting 20 years for this to happen!)

Check out some images of the art piece below and see many more on Kassiopeya.

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