"Bates Motel" Just Cleverly Recreated the Infamous 'Psycho' Shower Scene - Bloody Disgusting
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“Bates Motel” Just Cleverly Recreated the Infamous ‘Psycho’ Shower Scene



Spoiler warning. You know the drill.

The fifth and final season of A&E’s “Bates Motel” finally arrived at the iconic events of Psycho last night, with Marion Crane (played by Rihanna) arriving at the titular locale and, of course, taking a shower. But what fun would it be if everything turned out exactly as we all expected?

Playing around with horror history, “Bates Motel” spared Marion’s life in a fun scene that initially seemed to be recreating Hitchcock’s most memorable murder. After getting spooked in the shower, Rihanna’s Marion Crane humorously quipped “screw this shit,” before heading for the hills. Later in the episode, it was Sam Loomis who Norman killed in the shower.

You can watch Rihanna’s shower scene below.

Speaking with THR, “Bates Motel” director Phil Abraham talked rewriting history:

I didn’t want to just copy it, but yet it’s such a specific piece of celluloid history that you’ve got to be very careful with it. You’ve got to honor it and you’ve got to deviate from it and it’s got to be specific. People are priming themselves. The minute they see and hear about a character named Marion Crane and she’s checking into the hotel and everyone is saying, “OK, here we go!” It’s really a very purposeful thing for Bates to lean as heavily into that storyline as they did, it being a prequel of sorts. We finally are catching up to where the movie was and then to deviate from it again, beyond it, so it’s an interesting thing that the show did in terms of having its identity with Psycho and yet a separate identity as well.

From what we gather, Marion Crane will not be appearing again in the series.

On the next episode, titled ‘Inseparable’…

Norman and Mother are brought together as trouble looms large; Romero convalesces with the aid of an old friend; Dylan returns home.