Crazy 'Kong: Skull Island' FX Makeup Damn Near Turned Stunt Double into John Goodman - Bloody Disgusting
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Crazy ‘Kong: Skull Island’ FX Makeup Damn Near Turned Stunt Double into John Goodman



I want to be John Goodman. Just for one day.

Hollywood’s top makeup artists are able to turn anyone into anything, and it’s within the horror genre that we’ve seen some of the most impressive makeup work over the years. Monster makeup may blow our minds, but what’s truly impressive is when an artist turns a human being into, well, another human being. The most impressive makeup work in horror history? If you’re asking me, it’s not the demon makeup in The Exorcist, but rather the makeup Dick Smith applied to Max Von Sydow; the Swedish actor was in his 40s at the time, despite looking much older.

I bring this up because a crazy behind the scenes shot from this year’s Kong: Skull Island was just brought to my attention. It was uploaded to Facebook by makeup artist Andrew Clement, and it showcases how above and beyond the Creative Character Engineering team went to literally turn John Goodman’s stunt double into John Goodman. Clement recalled the experience:

Here’s a fun little project I got to do for makeup genius Bill Corso on Kong: Skull Island. Stunt/photo double for John Goodman. I sculpted brows, a nose and full sides of the face and upper neck wrap. Ran the foam latex too. Masterfully applied by Mr. Corso.

You can check out the incredible behind the scenes shot below. Just goes to show how much movie magic goes on behind the scenes that we never really get to see or appreciate!

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