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Stat Screens Introduce the “Friday the 13th: The Game” Camp Counselors



I want to be best friends with A.J. Mason.

We already know that this year’s “Friday the 13th: The Game” is going to allow you to play as multiple versions of Jason Voorhees, including a brand new one designed by Tom Savini, but what about the camp counselors that will play the role of unlucky victims? You can either play as Jason or a counselor of your choosing, and we’ve just learned more about those counselors.

The game developers just shared bio cards for all the characters, which reveal names and stats like “strength,” “intelligence,” and “speed.” Needless to say, intelligence isn’t their strong suit.

Meet all the new counselors below!

Gun Media and developer Illfonic’s “Friday the 13th: The Game”, initially announced as “Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp”, was funded through Kickstarter back in 2015.

The game’s full multiplayer component will become available in early-mid 2017 and include Tommy Jarvis as a playable character. Movie setting Packanack Lodge will also be included in this release as a third playable map. This initial release will be followed by the full Summer 2017 release of the single-player component, including AI Bots.

Players who pre-order the game in digital or physical form will receive the single player component at no additional charge.

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