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More Watercolor Horror Movie Posters to Melt Your Mind



How hyperbolic is that headline? Not very!

One of the first articles I ever wrote here on Bloody Disgusting (just about one year ago) was a piece on Wisconsin-based artist Christopher Shy, whose unique takes on fan-favorite horror films like The Thing, Alien and The Fog totally blew my mind. And I was’t alone. The response to that piece was incredible, and I’m pretty sure many new Shy fans were created as a result of it.

As I explained last May, Shy specializes in fantasy and sci-fi artwork that is quite unlike the output of any other artist. Shy, who founded Studio Ronin in 1994, has worked for companies like Marvel, Dark Horse Comics, and Lionsgate, illustrating countless books and graphic novels, and he gained cred here in the horror community when he whipped up the concept art for Marcus Nispel’s Friday the 13th remake. It’s not hard to see why Nispel chose him to help redesign Jason Voorhees, because Shy has a knack for giving bold new life to horror favorites.

In the past year, Shy has created a handful of new pieces, so I wanted to shine the spotlight on him again today. Check out new art for everything from “Stranger Things” to RoboCop below!

Oh and head over to Art of Ronin to pick up select prints!

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