Hallmark's 2017 Horror Ornaments Include 'Aliens' Power Loader - Bloody Disgusting
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Hallmark’s 2017 Horror Ornaments Include ‘Aliens’ Power Loader



Well, this is a beautiful thing I never thought I’d see.

A few years back, Hallmark started giving some love to the horror genre with their annual holiday ornament collections, and I’ve been incredibly happy to see that they’ve continued releasing new horror-themed ornaments each and every year. To date, we’ve seen a Xenomorph, the Aliens Queen, Predator, Frankenstein and even the shark from Jaws, and the fun continues in 2017.

In celebration of today’s Alien Day, Hallmark just unveiled this year’s brand new ornament based on the franchise, which depicts the iconic image of Ripley inside the P-5000 Power Loader from the totally badass finale of James Cameron’s Aliens. The ornament, available on October 7th, is easily the coolest (and most detailed) pop culture ornament Hallmark has ever put out.

But that’s not all that’s headed our way on the horror front this year, as we’ll also be getting new Beetlejuice (July 15), “The Walking Dead” (Oct 7) and “The X-Files” (Oct 7) ornaments!

Check ’em out below and view the full 2017 collection on Hallmark.com.

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