James Cromwell Reveals Interesting 'Jurassic World 2' Character Link to 'Jurassic Park' - Bloody Disgusting
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James Cromwell Reveals Interesting ‘Jurassic World 2’ Character Link to ‘Jurassic Park’



One of the things I love about Jurassic World is that it rebooted the franchise while also being a sequel to the original film; and that’s one of the reasons I’m incredibly excited about director J.A. Bayona’s tentatively titled Jurassic World 2, which will feature the return of Jeff freakin’ Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm! How else will it connect to the original trilogy, you ask?

Chatting with Larry King this week, Jurassic World 2 star James Cromwell revealed a very interesting connection between his new character and an iconic character from the past.

Cromwell told King:

The character Richard Attenborough played (John Hammond), I’m his partner, Benjamin Lockwood. We developed the technology of being able to clone the genes. And so I’m trying to deal with the blowback from what we have done.

Stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are returning for the sequel, which also stars franchise mainstay BD Wong as well as newcomers Justice Smith and Toby Jones. Colin Trevorrow, who directed Jurassic World, wrote the script for the sequel with Derek Connolly.

Producers Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley once again join executive producers Steven Spielberg and Trevorrow in the next chapter of the franchise. Belén Atienza is also producing. Vice president of production Sara Scott is overseeing production on behalf of the studio.