'Dead Space' Sequels Now On Xbox One - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Dead Space’ Sequels Now On Xbox One



My love for Dead Space 2 is almost overshadowed by the disappointment that Dead Space 3 turned out to be. That might be a little over the top, I have to admit. Still, I think almost everyone who enjoyed the previous Dead Space games felt a little let down by what the third game had to offer. Nonetheless, today on Twitter, XBox Live Director of Programming Larry Hryb announced that both Dead Space sequels as the newest backwards compatible titles for the XBox One.

The sequels join the original game (which was already available on the service), as well as the spinoff game, Dead Space Ignition. Of course, the real question is when EA and Visceral Games will return to the series, especially since they have claimed in the past that the window is still very much open for new entries. But until then, get to it on the XBox One. Or if you still have one, dust off your PS3 and stomp some Necromorphs.