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‘American Movie’ Short ‘Coven’ Just Got Its Own Action Figure



This year marks the 20th anniversary of filmmaker Mark Borchardt’s short film Coven, which spawned a much more well-known piece of entertainment in the form of 1999 documentary American Movie. Directed by Chris Smith, the award-winning doc chronicled the making of Coven, and we have it to thank for bringing the 36-minute short film to our attention.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary, Borchardt has worked directly with Death by Toys to make a limited run of official Coven toys that are now up for grabs. Cast in resin and mounted to VHS-style cardbacks autographed by Borchardt, each figures comes with a hand-numbered Death Certificate of Authenticity, and only 100 them are being made.

Said Dan Polydoris, the man behind Death by Toys:

Anyone familiar with Coven knows the guerrilla-style approach Borchardt took to make it, which involved him handling basically every aspect of the production on his own. These Coven figures definitely capture that same DIY spirit. Not only was it designed and sculpted on my own, every single one was molded, cast, painted, clothed, and packaged entirely by myself.

This run is limited to 100 figures with 75 of them being up for sale in the Death by Toys online store. The other 25 are being saved for various toy dealers so they can be available at some conventions and boutique toy shops.

Grab one for $30 while supplies last!

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