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‘King Kong’ Broadway Musical Will Feature Giant Animatronic Puppet



With a movie this year and a TV series coming soon, Kong proves he is still King.

A musical based on the original King Kong was originally slated to hit Broadway way back in 2014, but various behind the scenes issues prevented it from ever getting off the ground. Today we’ve learned, per Variety, that the musical is finally back on track, set to move into the Broadway Theater in the Fall of next year.

A brand new creative team has boarded the stage adaptation, including playwright Jack Thorne (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), director-choreographer Drew McOnie (Strictly Ballroom), producers Global Creatures and Roy Furman (The Color Purple), composer Marius de Vries (La La Land) and singer Eddie Perfect (Beetlejuice).

The musical will star a massive puppet designed by Sonny Tilders.

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