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The Goat from ‘The Witch’ Appears in ‘It Comes at Night’!



The A24 Cinematic Universe is (kind of) a thing.

When Robert Eggers’ The Witch was released last year, a 210-pound billy goat named Charlie became its breakout star. Charlie, who played the devilish Black Phillip in the terrifying period piece, quickly became an internet sensation… but will he continue working in the horror genre? As it turns out, his second horror film is currently playing in theaters!

In an interview with MIC, It Comes at Night stars Riley Keough and Christopher Abbot revealed that a goat featured in their film is the very same goat that played Black Phillip in The Witch! Both films were released by distribution company A24, so the amusing connection makes total sense.

It was literally the same goat,” Abbot revealed to the outlet. “He or she wasn’t as featured in our movie, but [it was the] same goat actor. It must just be A24’s goat. It’s in the mailing room, too. That’s a fun little fact. People are gonna freak out over that.”

You’re a star, Charlie. A big, bright shining star.

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