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Three Iconic Horror Posters Reimagined as Famous Artist Paintings



What would the Jaws poster look like… painted by Monet?

While many studios may not care so much about movie poster art these days, most fans realize how important it is and always has been. The posters for our favorite movies are as iconic to us as the movies themselves, and most of us proudly hang them in our houses to show just how much we love those movies.

Those posters are art, no matter who says otherwise. But what if our favorite movie posters were actually designed by history’s most important artists? The website Invaluable set out to answer that question, unveiling “six famous movie posters reimagined as paintings” this week.

They’re not all horror, but Jaws, Silence of the Lambs and Ghostbusters did make the cut. Their posters have been reimagined as paintings by Claude Monet, Salvador Dali and Roy Lichtenstein. The site explains…

The movie poster is traditionally the audience’s first glimpse of what to expect in a film, making it a very important marketing tool. We imagined what these 20th century pop culture relics would look like if they were designed by some of history’s most important artists.

See the rest of the gallery over on Invaluable, where it’s presented as a fun quiz.