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Infographic Spotlights 60+ Stephen King Adaptations Since 1976

The King is back. Then again, he never went away.

Earlier this week, our own Chris Vander Kaay ranked every TV movie and mini-series adapted from the work of Stephen King, which was exhaustive and yet only represented the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the King adaptations we’ve seen over the years. 

After all, countless feature films and TV series’ have also been derived from King’s stories.

How many are we talking? Well, in the years since Brian De Palma turned Carrie into a classic horror film in 1976, a whopping 60+ films, mini-series’ and TV series’ have been adapted from King-penned novels, novellas, short stories, and even original screenplays.

The folks over on just gathered ALL of them together for an infographic that’s loaded with fun facts and King Universe connections.

With The Dark Tower out this week and the new IT movie out in a month, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to look back at all of his stories that have been brought to life,” they told us. “The list begins with 1976’s Carrie all the way through next month’s IT and everything in between (except sequels, since those weren’t directly adapted from his work).”

Check it out below!

Stephen King Infographic
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  • Necro

    That is absolutely insane! I mean if you believe in Fate than I guess it’s easy to say he was put on this earth to specifically write Horror novels. Another thing is they say that Dean Koontz is a rival, really? Maybe at a small point in time. Koontz doesn’t have shit on King, and I do like some of Koontz’s work. But that list is crazy, and what’s most fascinating, besides the whole thing, is there’s no real huge break in time, maybe a few years, but it’s not like we haven’t heard or seen anything by King since 2000 or something. I can’t even write a single short story, like 2-3 paragraphs, and he writes them every other hour! His ability to keep doing this reminds me of John Carpenter’s ‘In the Mouth of Madness’, where ‘Sutter Cane’ (Jurgen Prochnow) tells Linda Styles (Julie Carmen) that for years he thought he was just making up all his Horror stories on skill and sheer imagination, but in reality it was the otherworldly creatures telling him what to write, and giving him the power to make it all real. That reminds me of Stephen King in the regard of how he can just keep coming up with all this stuff, and consistently for all these years to boot. You know speaking of ‘In the Mouth of Madness’ I’m surprised that wasn’t one of his novels turned into a film. A Horror author that writes his stories into existence, only with devastating consequences. And it turns out that the creatures from his own work are the driving force behind his genius. Now if that doesn’t scream Stephen King, I don’t know what does!

  • Sykes

    Correction: Carrie 2002 and Children of the Corn 2009 should both be listed as TV productions. And co-incidentally, both had Kandyse McClure in a starring role.

  • Brandon Holbrook

    So many errors in this.

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