Two Brilliant 'Alien' Fan Posters Take Us Inside the Human Body - Bloody Disgusting
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Two Brilliant ‘Alien’ Fan Posters Take Us Inside the Human Body



Well this is just upsetting to even look at.

I’ve seen countless horror movies throughout my life, but there’s still nothing more horrifying to me than the process by which a Face Hugger becomes a Xenomorph in the Alien franchise – particularly, in Ridley Scott’s original classic.

The mere thought of a Face Hugger latching onto my face, plunging down my throat, and creating an alien lifeform inside my body is one of the most unsettling ever to be conjured up, and I still have a hard time watching Kane suffer that fate to this very day.

Please lord, don’t let me die THAT way.

Artist David Graham, the man responsible for those incredible MEG posters we recently shared, just unleashed two new Alien fan posters inspired by the Xenomorph life cycle, and together they work as deeply horrifying companions to one another.

In the first print, we’re thrust down the throat of an unlucky Face Hugger victim. In the second, David brilliantly outlines a Face Hugger inside the human skeleton.

You rule, David.