'Documentary for the Recently Deceased' Will Explore the Making of 'Beetlejuice' - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Documentary for the Recently Deceased’ Will Explore the Making of ‘Beetlejuice’



The 30th anniversary of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice is on the horizon, and fan Fred China is aiming to celebrate with an independent, fan-funded documentary about the making of the film. The documentary will be the first of its kind, and you’ve got the chance to come aboard and help out.

Now funding over on Indiegogo, Documentary for the Recently Deceased is a retrospective documentary about the creation and making of Beetlejuice, set to be packed with never-before-seen images and videos, plus rare deleted scenes and even the alternate ending.

It will also feature interviews with cast & crew, plus a virtual visit to filming locations.

“On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the film’s release, this two-hour independent documentary made by fans for fans will take you to the heart of this cult classic from the 1980s.”

“Documentary for the Recently Deceased will describe all the stages of production from the film’s creation to its release. You will get an exclusive view behind the scenes through interviews with the people who took part in the film, especially the magicians from the SFX department who will share their secret insight on the project.”

The documentary will release in 2018, in time for the 30th anniversary.

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