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Celebrate Ten Years of ‘BioShock’ With This New Collector’s Edition!



Ten years ago today, we took a trip under the sea to Rapture. Yes, BioShock made a huge splash on the XBox 360 and PC (and PlayStation 3 the following year), spawned two sequels (and pinings of a Gore Verbinski film that never came to be), and made the mark that its forefather, System Shock, unfortunately failed to make.

In celebration of the game’s tenth anniversary, 2K have announced BioShock 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, set for release November 14th. Exclusive to GameStop and the 2KStore (US only, unfortuantely), the Collector’s Edition includes BioShock: The Collection, remastered for PlayStation 4 and XBox One, and containing all of the single player content, DLC, a behind-the-scenes BioShock Museum, and a new documentary.

As well, the Collector’s Edition includes an 11.9-inch high statue (modeled after the original game’s iconic box art), depicting a Big Daddy and Little Sister. The statue features a motorized drill and light-up components, as well as Big Daddy and Little Sister audio clips from the game. Certainly a much-cooler collectible than the original Big Daddy figure that was included with the game ten years ago.

Pre-orders are up and running, so would you kindly head over here to do so?

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