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Unreleased 2002 Film ‘Night Creep’ Closing Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival



The film was one of the last the late Don Calfa (Return of the Living Dead) acted in.

Set to haunt the Proscenium Theater at the Drake in Center City Philadelphia from Thursday, September 28th, to Sunday, October 1st, the second annual edition of the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival (“PUFF”) has just announced the latest and final additions to their 2017 line-up.

In addition to Tragedy Girls, Terrifier and Ruin Me, as well as the World Premiere of the highly-anticipated 100 Acres of Hell, PUFF adds two extremely unique films to their roster, including a shot-on-video horror film that has been lost for over 10 years…

“Officially selected as the Closing Night Film for PUFF 2017, the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival will host the World Theatrical Premiere of “Night Creep,” a shot-on-video horror film that is so shocking, bizarre, and absolutely insane that it must be seen to be believed. Directed by “Dark Seduction” filmmaker Greg Travis and starring “Return of the Living Dead” icon Don Calfa in one of his final roles, this tongue-in-cheek genre offering was shot nearly 15 years ago, released directly to DVD in Africa and South America, and has remained out-of-print for over a decade. PUFF is excited to bring a new, high-definition remaster of “Night Creep” to U.S. audiences for the very first time.

Set in Los Angeles, “Night Creep” stars Christine Sparks as Cindy Cinnamon, a down-on-her-luck exotic dancer who, following a sudden break-up, moves into an apartment owned by an eccentric and strange stroke victim (Calfa). Shortly afterwards, she experiments with a psychotropic drug called “Night Creep,” fueling visions of a disturbing visitor taking on the visage of her landlord. As her world falls apart around her, Cindy’s nightmares begin to blend in with her reality. Is it her past coming back to haunt her? Or is it the work of… the Night Creep?!

Co-starring Patricia Scanlon (“Getting On”), Paula Shaw (“Freddy vs. Jason”), and Greg Travis (“Lost Highway”), “Night Creep” is a singular genre experience, offering twisted thrills that inhabit the underground spirit on which PUFF thrives. As shameless and jaw-dropping as anything the exploitation genre has to offer, “Night Creep” will make its big-screen debut at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 1st. However, be warned: “Night Creep” is absolutely, positively not for the easily offended.”

You can check out the Night Creep trailer below!

Badges for PUFF 2017 as well as individual tickets for all programmed films can be purchased via Film Freeway. For more information, including the full schedule and feature film trailers, please visit the official Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival website.

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