Director Talks 'Twisted Metal' Film That Almost Was; Nic Cage as Sweet Tooth?! - Bloody Disgusting
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Director Talks ‘Twisted Metal’ Film That Almost Was; Nic Cage as Sweet Tooth?!



“That was gonna be badass… batshit.”

You may remember that the Twisted Metal video game franchise was going to be turned into a feature film by Sony back in 2012, with Crank and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance co-director Brian Taylor at the helm. Unfortunately, it ended up in development Hell.

Speaking with Collider this week, Taylor revealed what happened to the planned adaptation, while also giving us some insight into what the film would’ve been like.

It became like a ‘tweener. Sony came out with a new version of the game, didn’t really sell that well,” Taylor explained. “So they had this property that was kind of like this ‘tweener. It was a movie that felt like it needed to be $50 million, but they didn’t feel that the fanbase really merited that kind of movie. It’s not worth doing it unless you can really push the envelope and do destruction people haven’t seen before. So I don’t know, it’s sort of in movie purgatory, but I tell ya… it’s cool.”

Twisted Metal, man. That was gonna be badass… the script… it’s batshit,” he continued. “It was kind of like Fury Road before Fury Road in a way. The set pieces in Twisted Metal were kind of the same thing. I’m not saying it would’ve been as good, I am definitely not.”

By the way,” he added. “I wanted Nic Cage to be Sweet Tooth.”

Taylor noted that even today, he’d still love to bring his script to life.