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Don Mancini Discusses the Most Insane Kill Scene in ‘Cult of Chucky’



Obviously, if you haven’t seen Cult of Chucky, avoid this article until you do!

Now available on DVD/Blu-ray, VOD and Netflix, Don Mancini’s seventh franchise installment Cult of Chucky is a gory (and insane) good time, once again taking the series down some really fresh and interesting new paths. The asylum-set sequel is quite unlike any Chucky film we’ve ever seen before, and goddamn is it fun.

I recently tweeted that Cult of Chucky is home to a kill scene that will go down as one of the entire franchise’s most memorable, and I can only assume that anyone who has now seen the film is pretty sure which scene I was referring to. It involves a compressed oxygen tank. And a massive sheet of glass.

Strapped to a gurney, asylum patient Claire is approached by Chucky, who picks up the tank and slams it into the ground. The tank rockets through the air and shatters a glass window on the ceiling directly above Claire, which rains down on her in slow motion… brutally slicing her head clean off.

Sometimes I scare myself,” Chucky quips, as Claire’s severed head rolls to his feet and the snow from outside comes down into the room.

During a Facebook live chat today, Mancini talked about the weirdly beautiful kill scene, which plays out like something you’d see on “Hannibal” or in an Argento film.

Brian De Palma… Dario Argento… Lucio Fulci… those are the heroes of a certain strain of horror movie where they’re interested in exploring the weird, incongruous beauty of horror – which I love,” Mancini replied, when asked about the construction of the scene. “That was kind of our mission, not just with that sequence but with the whole movie. I love playing with that. That sequence in particular was really fun to plan.”

Mancini revealed that Claire’s kill scene was originally very different.

It’s interesting because that sequence, the details of it, changed a lot,” he continued. “In the first draft, Chucky causes the sprinkler system to come on and it drenches them… and then they go up in flames. And I quickly got that out of my system. It’s like, that’s gonna take too long and be too much of a pain in the ass. In another draft, Chucky goes to the closet and there’s this vial there that says ‘anti-coagulant.’ He goes, ‘Does that mean what I think it means?’ He injects her with it and she just bleeds out from every orifice. But then I realized… that’s like halfway through the movie, and the movie structurally needed a big exclamation point. So that’s why I decided to do the glass and the decapitation… the snow… it’s very operatic.”

Again, be sure to rent or buy Cult of Chucky, as the Netflix version is Rated!