'Overwatch' Unveils "Halloween Terror 2017" Event - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Overwatch’ Unveils “Halloween Terror 2017” Event



It’s been kind of a tradition with many team-based first person shooters to get into the holiday spirit, and Blizzard’s Overwatch is no exception. Players had their first event last year with Junkenstein’s Revenge, and now it’s back on all platforms as Halloween Terror 2017, complete with awesome new skins and items for your characters.

The event is simple: Pick one of four heroes and hold the door against a horde of AI-controlled robot enemies, while minibosses occasionally show up to join in on the fun. For extra fun (and for those who want a bit more of a challenge), there’s the new Endless Night version of the brawl, which pits a different quartet of heroes against an unending tide of enemies. The best scores get a spot on the brawl leaderboard.

Of course, you’re really interested in the costumes (as we all are). Well, in addition to last year’s costumes, players can grab outfits such as a Van Helsing-ified McCree, Mei as a jiangshi (aka a Chinese vampire), Zenyatta as a Cthulhu cultist and other goodies. The event runs until November 2nd, so get in there and get these costumes while you can.

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