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‘The Hum: Abductions’ Dev Updates The Game’s Status



Those looking forward to the first-person alien abduction experience The Hum: Abductions are probably wondering like myself about the status of the game. It’s been a while. For those needing to be brought up to speed, the game is the brainchild of one Ariel Arias, and is intended to be an exploration-heavy game based around alien abduction stories (which are especially popular in Arias’ home county of Argentina). The Hum has been in development for the past three years, although progress has been slow (it’s a one-man project, after all).

The game’s official site has been quiet since August of last year, up until Ariel posted an update this month, explaining the situation. The project is not dead, however. It’s, according to Arias “moving slowly.. I’m prototyping most of stuff, and all the art parts are still not there”. Arias explains that over the past year, in addition to some health-related issues, he’s relocated to New Zealand for work. As a result, the game is “in a moribund state”, but he intends to finish it.

Ariel’s intention with the game is to be the start of a “universe”, with a series of games tied into one another, telling different stories. The intended mood of The Hum: Abductions is to be a combination of The X-Files, Fire In The Sky, The Roswell Case, and other alien abduction and conspiracy films/subjects. You can read more about the project on the official site, as well as download proof of concepts. Since Fire In The Sky is still one of the creepiest alien abduction films ever, I’d love to see this project get off the ground and replicate that experience.

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