Nightdive Updates Backers with new 'System Shock' Remake Video - Bloody Disgusting
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Nightdive Updates Backers with new ‘System Shock’ Remake Video



It’s been a long while since we’ve gotten any news about Nightdive Studios’ System Shock remake, what with the jump from Unity to Unreal Engine 4, and even that System Shock 3 concept art dump by OtherSide Entertainment and Starbreeze. But now, the team at Nightdive have released a Kickstarter backer video, along with an update FAQ on just where the game is currently in production.

The nearly nine-minute video (featuring “audio logs” by members of the team) shows off tons of goodies, including concept art, environment blocking, and even freezing and dismembering mutants! As always, this is a “work in progress” and “not indicative of the final version”, but man, Citadel Station never looked better.

As for the FAQ section, according to Nightdive’s Lead Producer, Kristina Tomalesky, the team is currently working on a Vertical Slice, which for the non-gamedev types, is the tail end of the Pre-Production cycle. The Vertical Slice is meant to show a “thin deep slice of the game”, which looks at the whole game experience from a small section of the game. After which, the team moves into the Production phase.

When it comes to releasing an updated demo (this time with the Unreal Engine), Tomalesky states that they don’t have plans to release a build of the game until the backer Beta begins. As a result of the engine switch, the Unity Demo has been taken down. When it comes to ports, a Nintendo Switch or XBox One X port is “not off the table”. Lastly, when it comes to things like Mod Support (which was a Kickstarter goal, but wasn’t met), you can contribute on the game’s Backerkit site.

Slowly but surely, in spite of the scrapped Unity idea, this is looking great. Here’s hoping for similar updates as the game progresses.