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‘DUSK’ Episode Two now Available; Duskmatch Coming Soon



Those who were looking for an awesome throwback to the mid-90s craze of 3D first-person shooters found solace in New Blood Interactive’s DUSK, which had its first episode launch earlier this year. Even our own Jimmy Champane enjoyed it. Well, the second episode for the game (entitled “The Facilities”) is now out for your enjoyment, and it packs the same action as the first.

For those unaware, in DUSK, you take on the role of a nameless treasure hunter (appropriately nicknamed “DuskDude”), who’s heard rumours of hidden riches in the rural town of Dusk, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the town is above a huge network of “Lovecraftian ruins”, that in typical Doom fashion, were planned to be harnessed by government military personnel, but have instead unleashed an unspeakable evil that’s possessed the town’s inhabitants. You get caught, slapped on a meathook, and must now escape the town.

Backed by an awesome soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult (who also did the soundtrack for the 2013 remake of Rise of the Triad, and remade the original Doom soundtrack), this is easily something for those who grew up on Quake, Blood, and the scores of “me-too” FPS games that made PC gaming awesome in the mid 90s. The third as yet untitled episode is due in 2018, and will also include a multiplayer component that again harkens back to deathmatches of old (which you can see below).


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