Two Fan Remakes Attempt to Recreate 'P.T.' for PC - Bloody Disgusting
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Two Fan Remakes Attempt to Recreate ‘P.T.’ for PC



Okay, enough Resident Evil 2 talk. Time to move on to something that we’ve longed to see come back, but we’ll have to settle for the consolation prizes: P.T., aka the playable teaser for Silent Hills.

We know Silent Hills is gone and very likely won’t be coming back, but that hasn’t stopped fans from creating their own games in the spirit of the game, like Visage and Allison Road. There are also those who have devoted time to recreating P.T. for PC users (since they never got the demo in the first place).

The first remake is called Corridors, and is a recreation of P.T. in Unreal Engine 4. It’s still rough around the edges, but creator SmoggyChips plans to update it with more levels in the future.

The second remake comes from a Redditor named LinusPixel, who managed to extract animation, map, and texture files from the original P.T., and is attempting to stitch them together in a new engine. Again, it’s not perfect, but you can at least see how it is by downloading it here.

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