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‘Vampyr’ Devs talk Art and Mood in Latest Dev Diary



Picking up from last week, Dontnod Entertainment have released their second developer diary entitled “Architects of the Obscure”. While this entry continues the art vein of the previous, this time the devs focus on the artistic choices involved in bringing to life a vampire in war-torn streets of London in the midst of the Spanish Flu epidemic.

The episode goes into the four London districts that are in the game (Whitechapel, the East End docks, the Hospital, and the West End), and the choices made in each to convey the particular tones in gameplay. Also included is input from the game’s composer, Olivier Deriviere, whose industrial soundtrack is meant to invoke the lonliness that the game’s protagonist, Dr. Jonathan Reid, would feel inside a living city like London. Having the game take place at night also plays into this, as well.

The more I see of this game, and how much thought goes into the presentation, the more I can’t wait for this to finally drop. There’s still no firm 2018 release date, but as soon as it hits…