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‘Prey’ DLC Reveal Being Teased for E3?



E3 is coming up soon, and with Bethesda already sending out invites to its E3 showcase, they’ve also been up to something on Twitter. It seems that they’re teasing something related to last year’s reimagining of Prey in the form of new DLC. The moon (specifically, a lunar colony) was mentioned repeatedly throughout the game, so it’s quite possible that the colony will be the basis for the DLC.

In addition, a new Twitter account has popped up for KasmaCorp, the rival corporation in the game to Transtar, which employs the game’s protagonist, Morgan Yu. The single tweet by this account shows a rough sketch showing how to dissect and harvest the psi power from a Mimic, which is Prey’s shape-altering goo.

Begin the speculation.


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