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New Manga Released to Celebrate 15 Years of ‘Siren’



Despite myself never getting into it, Sony’s survival horror series Siren holds a special place for many gamers. Despite not having as big of an impact compared to genre heavyweights Silent Hill or Resident Evil, the first game still managed to get re-released on the PlayStation 4, and even a loose film adaptation called Forbidden Siren was created and released to coincide with the second game’s release.

Now, in celebration of the series’ 15th anniversary in Japan, according to the Japanese PlayStation Blog, Sony will be releasing a new manga based on the series called Siren ReBIRTH. Developed by Project Siren (the same team that created the series) and Saki Yoshi, the first issue has already been released (which you can read here, although it hasn’t been translated). No word yet on if the series will be translated into English.

If you’re looking to give the series a second look, as mentioned, the first game is available digitally on the PlayStation Store.


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