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‘H1Z1’ Goes Back To Free-to-Play Model



In what some might think is an attempt to steal the thunder back from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, developer Daybreak has announced that H1Z1, which had just come out of Early Access with a new “Auto Royale” mode, is now free to play.

For those who purchased the game in Early Access, fret not. Daybreak had the following to say:

“To thank all of our loyal players who helped make awesome, game-changing decisions during our time in Early Access, we’ll be rewarding everyone who already purchased the game with the “H1Z1 Appreciation Pack”.

The pack in question contains the following:

  • Gasrunner Hoodie
  • Bloom Survivor T-Shirt
  • Splinter Camo ARV
  • 10 Victory Crates
  • 10,000 Skulls

In order to support the new model, however, Daybreak have instituted new purchasable DLC bundles, which can be bought for $20, $50, or $100 and which contain various skins, crates, and Skulls (the in-game currency).

Of course, in the words of Motörhead, it might be “too late, too late” for the game to get back those players who flocked to the game back when it was released back in 2015, as PUBG owns the battle royale crown at the moment. Time will tell, I suppose.


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