'Little Nightmares', 'Luigi's Mansion' Remake Announced at Nintendo Direct - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Little Nightmares’, ‘Luigi’s Mansion’ Remake Announced at Nintendo Direct



Nintendo had one of their Nintendo Direct streams on Friday, and it’s good news for genre fans hungry for more horror games on the Switch (and in one case, the 3DS). And yeah, they’re all ports, but if they’re anything like the quality of Bethesda’s port of DOOM, does it matter?

For starters, we already know about the Dark Souls remaster set for May 25th, but Nintendo’s gone the extra mile and announced that the game will be getting a free Network Test before launch sometime this year. This allows everyone to try the game out, as well as check the online functionality. In addition, Nintendo will be releasing a Solaire Amiibo, which will give you will the “Praise the Sun” gesture when you use it.

As for the rest of the ports, fans can look forward to a GameCube launch title, 2001’s Luigi’s Mansion, getting a full remake for the 3DS, and set for release later this year. This new version will also come with a Boss Rush mode and 3DS specific features. Yeah, I know. It’s a Nintendo (read: kid-friendly) title that isn’t the horror most older fans expect, but dammit, it’s Luigi!

Finally, on to more recent (and creepier) fare with Little Nightmares: Complete Edition, which will head to the Switch on May 18th, complete with all of the DLC. Plus, if you Amiibo collector’s have the Pac-Man Amiibo, you’ll be able to snag an exclusive outfit when you use it with the game.

For the other non-horror news (because hey, it’s Nintendo), Newsweek have a rundown here.


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