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‘H1Z1’ adds New Mode to Auto Royale with Latest Update



Hot off of exiting Early Access and going Free-to-Play, developer Daybreak has updated H1Z1‘s new Auto Royale mode, as well as adding a new weapon.

The update introduces a powerful new weapon in a guided Rocket Launcher. Players will be able to use the Rocket Launcher in Auto Royale, and can be guided by aiming down the sight and moving the reticle after firing. Also major is the all-new Duos mode in Auto Royale, which allows you to grab a friend to add extra firepower or driving prowess. Also included in the update are fixes to maps, weapon tuning and improvements to the core game.

Since coming out of Early Access, H1Z1 has surpassed 10 million players, and with the H1Z1 Pro League, which has its inaugural event next month, Daybreak looks to remain committed to providing more content for the game in the face of competition from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. You can check out the list of fixes/improvements here.


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