Double Content Updates Arrive for 'Dying Light' - Bloody Disgusting
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Double Content Updates Arrive for ‘Dying Light’



Riding off the battle royale craze, Dying Light‘s Bad Blood mode is still on the way, but in the meantime, developer Techland has dropped two new Content Drops for the open-world zombie survival game in the form of a new Prison Heist mode and a new enemy. It’s all part of their 10 new DLC in 12 months initiative that started last year.

In the new mode, which is designed for the more seasoned veterans of the game, players are set loose on Prison Island, and are tasked with breaking into an armoury against the clock. The mode can be done solo or with pals in co-op. The bottom line: The faster you get the job done, the better the reward.

Also released is Sgt. Deathrow, which is “a previously unknown Demolisher mutation” that is “bigger, stronger, and more unpredictable” than the usual zombie fare. Taking him down will earn you a whack of experience points. Techland also hints that getting good in the new Prison Heist mode “might come in handy soon”, while in the same breath mentioning the next Content Drop will arrive later in April. Hmmm…


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