Live-Action Horror game 'Closed Nightmare' Hits PS4, Switch This Summer In Japan - Bloody Disgusting
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Live-Action Horror game ‘Closed Nightmare’ Hits PS4, Switch This Summer In Japan



For you fans of Japanese horror videogames, Nippon Ichi Software have a treat for you in their live-action horror adventure game, Closed Nightmare. Set for release later this Fall in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, the game puts you in the role of Maria Kamishiro, who wakes to find herself in a room, having lost all memories about herself, and her left arm is mysteriously paralysed. A nearby cellphone rings, and upon answering it, Maria is informed by a voice on the other end that Maria is a participant in an experiment. Complete the experiment, and she’ll be released. However, there is no indication of when the experiment will begin, or if it’s already begun.

Presented as a “live action horror movie”, the game involves two parts: Exploration and Challenge. In the Exploration Parts, you can investigate areas of interest in a room to solve challenges and find clues. By using the items you obtain, you can acquire various information. In the Challenge Parts, you must solve the room’s puzzles with the goal of escaping from the building. On occasion, you must find the correct answer based on the clues you’ve already obtained.

Right now, the game is due out for PlayStation 4 and Switch on July 19 in Japan only, with no indication of whether NIS will be bringing it over to North America via their NIS America branch. However, those gamers who are used to purchasing/playing import games know how this all works, and will be able to grab it for themselves on July 19th. Just keep your Japanese to English dictionary handy.


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