Grab 'Alien: Isolation', 'Colonial Marines' and More on Steam's Post-"Alien Day" Sale! - Bloody Disgusting
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Grab ‘Alien: Isolation’, ‘Colonial Marines’ and More on Steam’s Post-“Alien Day” Sale!



Seeing as yesterday was Alien Day, Steam got in on the act with a sale of games based on the franchise. And yes, it’s still very much on for today. Right now, you can grab the following with a 75% discount: Alien: Isolation, its Season Pass, Aliens: Colonial Marines, its DLC, 2010’s Aliens vs. Predator and the Aliens vs. Predator Collection. And while it’s not included in the sale, 2000’s Aliens vs Predator can be snagged for just $5 USD.

The sale is on until Saturday, but if you miss out on it, no need to fret. Humble Bundle is coming through with the same sale, and that one lasts until Monday. So really, if you haven’t already played one of the best Alien games in Alien: Isolation (or one of the not-so-greatest in Aliens: Colonial Marines), here’s your chance to grab them for a sweet price.

And don’t forget about that VR Mod for Isolation (for added scares).


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