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Survive Post-Apocalyptic Miami in Upcoming ‘Fallout 4’ mod



The Fallout series has called California, Nevada and New England home, and now modders are bringing the post-apocalyptic adventure to Florida. “Fallout: Miami”, a mod for Fallout 4, recently dropped its teaser trailer, and while the trailer just shows off some of the environments within the mod, the group has far more planned for it. The person behind the mod, Mika999, had previously worked on mods for Fallout 4, as well as Skyrim.

On the mod’s official site, you can check out the mod’s progress, as well as see some of the cool concept art and various goodies that will be in the mod, as well as screenshots and videos of the mod’s progress. It’s pretty ambitious as to what the group is doing, and who wouldn’t want to run around in the Miami sun, listening to Cuban music while shooting up ghouls?

If you’re so inclined, Mika999 also has a Patreon fo you to toss a few bucks towards to help with development. The end result will still be a 100% free mod, by the way.


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