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Frogwares Answers User Questions in Latest Video for ‘The Sinking City’



Frogwares continue their development on The Sinking City, which is still looking for that definitive 2018 release date. Really, judging from what’s been shown so far, you can’t help but intrigued each time Frogwares releases an update on their progress. And that’s just what they did.

The update video is the first Q&A session in response to user’s questions via social media, where Community Manager Sergey Oganesyan answers a few unknowns. Among the information revealed, The Sinking City plays out “more [like] a detective game”, where players will have to solve crimes as they progress through the game, while at the same time, unraveling the mystery of Oakmont. At the same time, the game also has a combat component where players will be able to use weapons, traps and skills that you unlock in order to combat the Lovecraftian monsters that lurk throughout the game.

As for the game length, Frogwares is “aiming for around 30, maybe 40 hours of playtime”. However, that’s only for the main quest and the majority of side quests. Your playtime will increase “if you’re a completionist or just want to see all the different endings”. As for platforms, The Sinking City will be available for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4, and the release date and price will be announced “when we are ready”. Oganesyan concludes the session with how the team balanced their own ideas versus established Lovecraftian lore, referring back to their fourth update video for more information.

There’s a lot of goodies in just the three minute video, so do check it out.


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