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Existential Dread Summoned in Latest Update Video for ‘The Sinking City’

After showing off some cool concept art, Frogwares is back with a new update video for their upcoming Cthulhu-mythos game, The Sinking City. In the video, the team discusses Lovecraft and his works (namely the fear of the unknown, desolation, and hopelessness), and how Lovecraft’s stories influence the game’s world. The team also discusses their views on what makes people afraid. There’s also some sprinkling of concept art (in both painting and maquette form), and some prototype footage.

The video does ask some of those existential questions that when you think about it, are pretty frightening if you delve into it the right way. And Frogwares seems to have the right idea with translating that into videogame form. Of course, we won’t know until more of the game is revealed, but there’s definitely potential.



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